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Vision and values

The Authority’s mission is to promote public trust and confidence in New Zealand Police.

The Authority’s Māori conceptual name is Whaia te pono, kia puawai ko te tika - Seek the truth, that justice may prevail

The Authority’s values include independence, trustworthiness, accountability, timeliness, vigilance, and integrity.

The Authority exists to support public expectations – as expressed by Parliament – for the justice system to be trusted and effective.


The Authority is funded through Vote: Justice and contributes to the overall justice sector outcome ‘A safe and just society’ and to the following three justice sector goals:

  • accessible justice services
  • effective constitutional arrangements
  • trusted justice system.

The work done by the Authority also contributes to Police outcomes of ‘Confident, safe and secure communities’ and ‘Organisational development’, and Police values of integrity and professionalism as outlined in the annual Police Statement of Intent.



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