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Media Releases 2012

New review calls on Police to improve youth detention

23 October 2012 - A new review is calling for Police to improve their training and the treatment of young people in custody. More>>

Police shooting justified, officers demonstrated professionalism

4 October 2012 - An independent investigation has found a Police officer was justified in shooting a man during an incident in Christchurch on 15 March 2012. More>>

Fatal pursuit of Harley Wilson and Michael Keepa

28 September 2012 - An independent investigation of a fatal Police pursuit in Te Puke in October 2010 has found Police were justified in initially trying to stop the driver but should have subsequently abandoned the pursuit because of a number of risk factors. More>>

Fatal pursuit of Luke John Bowman Yates near Taipa, Northland

31 August 2012 - Breaches of Police policy have been identified during a pursuit that ended when the fleeing driver crashed and died near Taipa in Northland on 17 April 2011. More>>

Deaths in Custody - A Ten Year Review

30 June 2012 - The Independent Police Conduct Authority has released a thematic review of Deaths in Custody during the ten year period 2000-2010. More>>

Fatal Police pursuit of Api Kao Aue

22 June 2012 - The investigation of a fatal pursuit in Auckland in December 2010 has found the speed reached for a short time by a Police officer in an unmarked car was unjustified. More>>

Update on 'Operation 8' investigation

24 May 2012 - The Chair of the Independent Police Conduct Authority, Judge Sir David Carruthers, has issued the following statement following the sentencing in the High Court at Auckland this afternoon. More>>

Police shooting of Halatau Naitoko

03 April 2012 - Seven recommendations for improvements to Police procedure have been made following an investigation into the fatal shooting of Auckland courier driver Halatau Ki’anamanu Naitoko. More>>

Status of report into ‘Operation 8’

30 March 2012 - In response to media inquiries, the Authority Chair, Justice Lowell Goddard, has provided the following update on the status of the IPCA report into Operation 8. More>>

Select Committee Financial Review - Introductory Comments

21 March 2012 - The Chair of the Authority, Justice Lowell Goddard, was asked by Parliament's Law and Order Select Committee to speak to the committee during its annual round of financial reviews of Crown Entities. More>>

Fatal pursuit of Timoti Mohi in central Auckland

15 March 2012 - An investigation has found that Police complied with the law and with Police policy during the pursuit of a fifteen year old driver who died instantly when he crashed a stolen car on a central Auckland motorway in January 2011. More>>

Investigation of fatal Taranaki crash following collision with Police car

08 March 2012 - The investigation of a fatal crash in Taranaki has found the driver may have collided deliberately with a parked Police car shortly before the crash, to attract Police attention. More>>
Death of Sina Naraghizadeh while fleeing Police

08 March 2012 - An investigation of the circumstances surrounding the death of 19 year old Sina Naraghizadeh while fleeing Police in West Auckland has concluded that Police complied with legislation and with policy. More>>

Death of Caine Burgess after Police pursuit near Pukekohe

08 March 2012 - The Police pursuit of a 20 year old driver in a stolen car near Pukekohe was called off approximately 30 seconds before he collided with another vehicle and died instantly. More>>

Shooting of Halatau Naitoko and others

15 February 2012 - The Chair of the Independent Police Conduct Authority, Justice Lowell Goddard, has released the following statement regarding the progress of the investigation into the shooting of Halatau Naitoko. More>>

Briefing to Incoming Minister

02 February 2012 - The Cabinet Manual requires that when a new Minister is appointed, the department or agency must ensure that as soon as the Minister takes up office they are briefed on the agency and the portfolio. More>>


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