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Reports on investigations 2009

Police pursuit did not cause death of 14-year-old passenger

26/12/09 - Police were not responsible for the death of a 14-year-old passenger in a pursued vehicle. Full report (PDF, 700kb)

Authority recommends changes to the Police pursuits policy

13/10/09 - The Authority has recommended that Police amend their pursuit policy to provide clearer guidance on when pursuits may begin. Full report (PDF, 1.94MB) Media release

Officers neglected duty in care of methadone patient

9/10/09 - Police failed to adequately assess and care for Juanita Shaw, who died of a methadone overdose in a Police cell in August 2007. Full report (PDF, 330kb)

Pursuit 'bordered on misconduct' and should have been abandoned

12/8/09 - A Police pursuit that led to the death of 16-year-old Rangi Wano did not comply with policy and should have been abandoned, and the pursuing officer's actions bordered on misconduct. Full report (PDF, 266kb)

Force used in arrest of Henry Bailey justified

7/8/09 - The Police were justified in the force they used to arrest Henry Bailey. Full report (PDF, 1.5MB)

Fatal pursuit of 18-year-old Dargaville man complied with law, policy

31/7/09 - A Police pursuit which ended in the death of 18-year-old Dion Martin was lawful and complied with Police pursuit policy. Full report (PDF, 1.31MB)

Fatal pursuit of Christchurch motorcyclist complied with law, policy

31/7/09 - A Police pursuit which ended in the death of 52-year-old motorcyclist David Fowler was lawful and complied with Police pursuit policy. Full report (PDF, 1.44MB)

Police should have abandoned pursuit prior to fatal crash

26/6/09 - A Police pursuit that ended with the death of 17-year-old Jamie McElrea should have abandoned prior to the fatal crash. Full report (PDF, 504kb) Media release

Police complied with policy in fatal pursuit

5/6/09 - Auckland Police officers complied with policy in the pursuit of Ritchie Nehua Angell and did not cause his death. Full report (PDF, 232kb)

Officer who injured Farhat Buksh broke law and Police policy

29/5/09 - The Auckland Police officer who seriously injured teenager Farhat Buksh was breaking the law and Police policy and should not have been speeding. Full report (PDF, 208kb) Media release

Report on the fatal pursuit of Peter Kotsifakis

24/4/09 - Police reached higher speeds than would normally be acceptable during a fatal pursuit in Palmerston North on 6 July 2008. However, the pursuit was justified. Full report (PDF, 361kb)

Report on the death of Jonathan Ripia

31/3/09 - The Police officer who restrained Jonathan Ripia was complying with the law and did not cause Mr Ripia's death from positional asphyxia. Full report (PDF, 357kb).

Report on the shooting of Stephen Jon Bellingham

25/3/2009 – The Police officer who shot Stephen Jon Bellingham in Christchurch in 2007 was acting in self defence at the time of the shooting, but the officer’s earlier actions had limited his options to safely contain Mr Bellingham. Full report (PDF, 1.45MB) Media release

Report on the shooting of Steven Wallace

17/3/2009 – The Authority found no evidence of misconduct or neglect of duty on the part of Police in relation to the shooting of Steven Wallace in Waitara on 30 April 2000. Full report (PDF, 526kb) Media release

Report on a fatal pursuit in Timaru on 9 February 2008

10/3/2009 – Police have been cleared of misconduct or neglect of duty over a fatal pursuit in Timaru on 9 February 2008, but the Authority has expressed concern that a pursuit arising from a routine failure to stop had such a tragic outcome. Full report (PDF, 1.28MB)


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