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About the IPCA

The Independent Police Conduct Authority is a Crown Entity established to:

Investigate and resolve complaints concerning misconduct or neglect of duty by, or concerning the practices, policies or procedures of, the Police;

Investigate incidents where the Police may have caused death or serious bodily harm in the course of carrying out their duties;

Investigate and resolve matters referred to the Authority by the Commissioner of Police, pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding between them, of serious misconduct or serious neglect of duty to be treated by the Authority as if they were complaints.

The Authority has in addition been funded to provide an independent investigative capability separate from the Police, this enabling it to undertake investigations into matters which in its opinion require independent investigation.

A major goal of the Authority is the politically independent and appropriate oversight and disposal of all complaints and incidents which come within its jurisdiction.

The tasks undertaken by the Authority include:

District Complaint Resolution

When the IPCA accepts your complaint for investigation it will decide on the type of investigation to be adopted. The matter may be appropriate for District Complaint Resolution. This means it will be investigated under the supervision of the District Commander in the area where the matter arose and this should result in a speedier resolution of the complaint. At the conclusion of the investigation you will be advised in writing of the result of the investigation and the decision reached. You will also be advised that if you are not satisfied you may again write to the Authority which will then review the Police file and report to you.


About the IPCA


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