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Help with complaints

You can get help with complaints from a lawyer or another advisor or support person.

The following organisations may be able to provide advice or assistance with a complaint.

Finding a lawyer

You can find a lawyer through your District Law Society. Visit the New Zealand Law Society’s website or phone (04) 472 7837 for assistance.

Community Law Centres

Community law centres provide a range of community legal services including free legal advice, legal assistance and representation, legal information, legal education and law reform activities.

The Community Law Online Manual 2017/2018 is a resource that sets out legal information in an accessible way for everyday users. The manual provides answers and solutions to common legal questions in plain English.

Citizens Advice Bureaux

Citizens’ Advice Bureaux provide free, impartial and confidential information and assistance. They may be able to help with the process of making a complaint, or lodging your complaint, or giving other appropriate assistance. There are Citizens Advice Bureaux throughout New Zealand. For details, see the Citizens’ Advice Bureaux website or phone 0800 FOR CAB (0800 367 222).

Citizens’ Advice Bureaux may be able to provide assistance in languages other than English.

Other sources of help

You may also be able to find someone to help with a complaint by asking family members or asking at your church, club, or any other community organisation you belong to.


Make a complaint

To the Authority

Complain online

Download a complaint form (PDF, 207KB)

Contact the Authority

Directly to the Police

Find your nearest station

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