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This privacy statement covers personal and other information gathered by this website.

Use of this website

This site does not use tracking cookies and, except when you use the online complaint form (see below), does not gather any identifying information about site users.

When you visit this website, details of your visit will be gathered for statistical purposes only. These details include the duration of your visit, which pages you visited, any documents you downloaded, what type of internet browser you used, and other details which are used to help us ensure that the site is meeting readers' requirements.

The website does not gather any identifying details or other personal information about your visit unless you use the online complaint form.

Online complaint form

When you fill in the online complaint form on this website, you will be asked for personal information including your name, contact details, and details of your complaint against the Police.

This information will be used to resolve your complaint.

As part of the process of resolving your complaint, details will be provided to the Police and they will be asked to respond. The Police may be asked to investigate and resolve your complaint.

Details of your complaint will be retained in the Authority's files and may be retained in Police complaint files after your complaint is closed.




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